Rovsen Giffard, 2017

Rovsen Giffard

Hi There,

I am Rovsen (read as Roshan) - the founder and photographer of Flame of Fire Photography.

I am a Hobart, Tasmania based photographer with a very multi cultural background and see myself as a World Citizen. I grew up with my dad’s music whilst admiring my mom’s sketches and hand made art work and my sister’s oil paintings. Art in many forms have been in my life since birth and made me travel between playing guitar, dancing salsa, making jewellery which finally let me to my photography.

Although I have had a camera since my teen years, I purchased my first DSLR in 2013. I knew I would want to take photography further. I finished an online course and got a diploma as a “Professional Photographer”. Then I decided to share my love for photography with you all.

My passion relies on creating art by capturing the connection of LOVE that should last forever…  I freeze the time to make that happen! So, that you and your family in the future can re-visit your memories created by LOVE and captured by the art of photography in a unique way.

I also have a university degree, Bachelor of Tourism with Business Management Major and currently doing my Honours Degree at UTAS. You may think there is no link in between what I do now with what I have studied but on the contrary via my Instagram account I do love sharing my travel experiences via my photos. Studying tourism and traveling often has helped me to see life in different perspective, which I am told reflects on my photography.

As a style, I love candid shots more as I love capturing people in their own element and I believe that’s when everyone look their best! I have been so lucky to only hear compliments about my work thus far. And I hope to add you to my pleased clients list 😉 I would love to meet you and have a coffee or tea to get to know you while we discuss how you would like to be photographed on your special day or as a portrait shoot. Let me create my art through your connection of love toward your loved one (s) or to nature. You can shoot me an email via with your contact details and I would be delighted to give you a call.

Rovsen xx

  • My profile photo was kindly taken by my colleague Justin Hyde and edited by me.